Drechsel UPDATE Jan – Feb 2014

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Untitled 2The past 24 years of my life have been spent in the sunshine state, but now it’s time to move on and start something bigger. In less then a month I will begin my drive to Houston where I will be working with Sam Sann at Iron Sports.Untitled

941459_688847217808964_1025304245_nContinuing my Ninja Warrior training to be the 1st American to conquer Midoriyama. I will still be training other willing ninjas indoor and on an outdoor obstacle course which will replicate Ninja Warrior and also be a cross with other adventure race style obstacles. I’m sad to be leaving my friends who I will visit several times a year; but excited to start over new meeting more amazing people. So keep in touch and come play with me at my new place in a month!

Fl to TX

:VIDEO: Drew Drechsel at American Ninja Warrior 2013 National Finals Stage 1

Thank you for everybody who has been following me and cheering me on throughout the years! Here’s the YouTube Video of my Stage 1 Run in Vegas (Season 5). Stage 2 next week!!!

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American Ninja Warrior – Season 5 – Vegas Stage 1 Summary


Vegas Stage 1 has already begun! A lot of people are messaging me asking if they’ve missed my run.. No.. not yet. lol Next Monday on NBC at 8 pm they will being a 2 hour special. I believe the rest of the competitors will be shown. Below is a list of the competitors who have already ran and how they did.
578997_883255916412_951687315_nNo guarantees if they will show me or not, I can only hope. There are plenty of other amazing competitors to keep an eye on though. :)
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